Art to go: Painter starts home art kits for children

Mayte Zebrowski, owner of Artsy Color Splash, began home art kits for children to use while extracurricular activities are limited. Courtesy photo

HARLINGEN — As extracurricular activities such as karate, dance and others have been cancelled, painting can still be done.

Mayte Zebrowski, owner of Artsy Color Splash, decided to create art home kits for children to use.

Zebrowski pre-sketches the design on the canvas and includes paint, brushes, a paper plate and a cup for water.

“ They are pretty much ready for anybody to just buy them and set them on the table. It is very simple,” she said.

Zebrowski created them about a month ago and said what motivated her is her love of art and her passion for teaching it.

“ Children still need to learn about art. I think they do in school so this is a way for them to still be practicing,” she said.

“ They don’t have many activities to go to as before. Right now they are stuck at home and might as well keep them motivated and creative,” Zebrowski.

She made sure the kits included everything so the parents don’t have to go to a store and buy supplies.

“ I give them everything for them to complete the design at home,” she said.

Zebrowski is holding small painting classes for children on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The groups are usually three to four children.

She is still hosting private events, but Zebrowski said there have not been as many bookings as before.

“ Birthday parties and more are for a small amount of people, but events have not been like the usual,” she said.

Just as many other businesses, hers had to close during the shelter in place order in March.

Now that she has re-opened, business is slowly getting back to normal.

“ I used to have events every weekend, but now it is only here and there,” she said.

Still, Zebrowski goes to her studio to paint every day and create new designs.

“ We are still here and hoping everything will get better so we can get back to our routine. Small businesses are still willing to be open as we are permitted,” Zebrowski said.

For more information, visit the Artsy Color Splash Facebook page.