A joint effort between Border Patrol and the Texas Department of Public Safety has resulted in a massive methamphetamine bust.

A criminal complaint charging a Rio Grande City man named Edgar Lopez with drug trafficking allegations details how on July 12, DPS troopers and rangers seized eight large sacks containing 200 cellophane-wrapped bundles of methamphetamine weighing a little more than 476 pounds.

On July 12, Border Patrol agents working in the area of Midway Road in Rio Grande City report that after they saw suspected scouts, they observed several people carrying bundles from the Rio Grande to the Midway Cemetery off of Midway Road.

At 4:03 p.m., the agents watched as those people loaded the bundles into a 2000 gold Chevrolet Silverado that had arrived at the cemetery, according to a criminal complaint.

The agents relayed the information to DPS troopers and agents as the vehicle left the cemetery.

A ranger saw the pickup on Expressway 83 and followed it as it turned north on Hernandez Road, court documents indicate.

“Upon following the Silverado, the Texas Ranger observed the Silverado accelerate at a high rate of speed and lose control at the intersection of El Campo Road and Papalote Road,” the criminal complaint states.

The driver climbed out of the car and ran off into the brush, evading authorities, according to the charging document.

However, an investigation showed that same vehicle being referred to secondary at the Border Patrol checkpoint in Falfurrias on July 1.

Authorities say their investigation into people associated with the vehicle on July 1 lead them to Lopez.