Residents fueling vehicles ahead of Hurricane Hanna

Nearly every gas pump at the Stripes in Rio Hondo was taken by area residents filling up their vehicles before Hurricane Hanna made landfall. By Diana Eva Maldonado, Valley Morning Star

RIO HONDO – Across South Texas this morning residents were at one of two places – the grocery store or the gas station.

Hurricane Hanna is expected to make landfall Saturday afternoon and bring plenty of rain, so residents wanted to make sure they had enough food and water at home.

At the Stripes in Rio Hondo at the corner of State Highway 345 and FM 106 nearly every gas pump was taken. At times there were one or two vehicles waiting to fill up with fuel.

Outside the store customers were buying cases of water and propane tank.

“I’m getting one for my dad,” said one woman. “I’m taking one too so we can grill during the hurricane,” said another man.

Mike’s Supermarket, the lone grocery store in Rio Hondo was also packed, with nearly every parking space taken.