Harlingen begins hurricane brush cleanup

Flood waters reach up to a house on South Palm Court Drive in Harlingen on Sunday after rainfall from Hurricane Hanna passed through the region. (Ryan Henry/Valley Morning Star)

The City of Harlingen has begun to remove brush and debris from neighborhoods left be Hurricane Hanna.

The city says the hurricane dropped almost 12 inches of rain throughout the city causing temporary flash flooding, and downed trees and power lines in several areas.

Some of the city’s lift stations were affected by the power outages and unable to pump wastewater to the treatment plant. AEP has been notified and is trying to restore power in the city as soon as possible.

On Sunday, city crews began assessing damage throughout the city and began clearing debris from roadways.  Residents that have already started cleanup efforts should place debris/brush in the front curb for pick up.

Storm brush/debris pick up will begin on Wednesday, July 29.  Residents are asked to place the brush/debris on the curb, not on the road.  Also, brush and storm debris should be placed in two separate piles not to exceed five feet in length and two feet in diameter.

The pick up will continue for the next couple of months until all of the hurricane brush/debris is picked up.

Meantime, the health department will also begin to larvicide standing water throughout the city to diminish the breeding of mosquitoes as soon as the rain stops.