San Benito man killed in officer involved shooting

Police say they were called to a disturbance Wednesday night at the intersection of Bonham and Powers streets in San Benito. By Maricela Rodriguez, Valley Morning Star

Police say a disturbance call between a couple ended with the man dead after he reportedly pointed a gun at officers.

San Benito Police say they were called to the intersection of South Bonham and East Powers around 11 p.m. Wednesday night.

According to a news release, officers say when they arrived they found a man and woman in a physical struggle. They say while they tried to break up the fight, the man pulled out a gun pointed it at the woman and then at officers.

The department says the officers then shot the suspect. They say officers administered CPR, but the man later died.

Police say officers at the crime scene recovered a loaded revolver in the man’s possession.

The Texas Rangers were called to the scene and have begun an investigation.