CBP finds nearly 500 pills hidden in man’s crotch

U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested a Poteet man Saturday after officers discovered 474 pills hidden in his groin area.

Then a Homeland Security Investigations agent arrested another man who was waiting for him at the Progreso port of entry.

Izaak Omar Ramon and Chappell La Jon Rayford are facing drug charges relating to the illegal importation of oxycodone and hydrocodone, prescription medications authorities say Ramon bought in Nuevo Progreso.

Both men are being temporarily held without bond pending detention and probable cause hearings scheduled for later this week, court records show.

CBP says Ramon arrived at the port of entry at around 12:40 p.m. Saturday, telling officers that he had gone to Mexico to see a dentist and was returning to his home in Poteet.

CBP officers referred the man to secondary inspection “due to his travel inconsistencies,” according to a criminal complaint.

After searching Ramon, CBP says officers discovered 434 oxycodone and 30 hydrocodone pills hidden in his groin area.

“While CBPOs were conducting the seizure of the pills found within Ramon’s groin area, Ramon’s cellular phone rang displaying a message from someone by the name of ‘Ditto,'” the criminal complaint stated.

Without being asked, CBP says Ramon “freely” told officers “without being asked” that the medication found in his groin area was for his friend, “Ditto,” according to the charging document.

“With CBP’s Border Search Authority, Ramon provided the passcode to his cellular phone, at which time a CBPO conducted a brief manuel inspection of the cellular phone,” authorities say in court documents.

CBP says Ramon’s last conversation was with “Ditto,” who was sending him messages during the seizure, according to the criminal complaint.

“The conversation CBP viewed showed that Ramon sent this ‘Ditto’ a text message stating that he was recounting the pills,” a criminal complaint stated.

After this, CBP says it “was advised” someone named Chappel La Jon Rayford was in secondary asking about his friend, Ramon, according to the charging document.

Following an interview with Ramon, who told authorities he went to get the pills for “Ditto,” a special agent met with Rayford and asked the man if they could have a conversation, authorities say.

Rayford agreed and said his nickname was “Ditto,” but denied knowledge of the incident and said he had no part of it, according to the criminal complaint.

When the agent showed Rayford the text messages, the man asked for a lawyer, authorities say.