Leaked video shows inmate being maced by Cameron County jailer

Staff Writer

The Cameron County Sheriff’s Department is investigating its own department to find out who released a video from the Carrizales- Rucker Detention Center to social media that shows an inmate being maced by a jailer.

The video appeared on the Facebook Page belonging to a group called Justice RGV.

The department , on its Facebook Page, states the video’s release is a felony crime of breach of computer security and is offering a reward of up to $5,000 that leads to the identity of the employee that “unlawfully obtained the video and leaked the video without the effective consent of the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office.”

In addition, the department is offering another award of up to $5,000 that leads to the identity of the author of Justice RGV. It’s seeking the author’s name, address and telephone number.

The department states the “incident in question had previously been investigated by members of the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division.”