Harlingen Census 2020 drive-thru BBQ set for Saturday

The last day to respond to the U.S. Census is September 30. Currently, the Harlingen response rate is 53.3% a rate that is lower than the 62.3% response rate of 2010.

To motivate Harlingen residents that haven’t responded, the City along with Noble Charities is holding a Drive-thru BBQ/Census Drive on Saturday, Sept. 12 at the Harlingen Sports Complex on Wilson Road.

Harlingen residents simply have to drive in, fill out the Census, and get free BBQ plates that include chicken, fajitas, as well as, rice and beans.

Responders will be allowed the number of plates equal to the number of people they respond for, so if you respond for two people you get two plates and if you respond for five people you get five plates.

The drive-thru BBQ is only for people who live within the Harlingen city limits and have not responded to the Census.