Sea Turtle, Inc. seeking applicants for internship program

Sea Turtle, Inc. is seeking seven applicants for its internship program, which will be held from March 2021 through Aug. 2021. Courtesy photo/Sea Turtle, Inc.

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — From conservation and rehabilitation to public education, Sea Turtle, Inc. personnel work daily as stewards of the ocean.

Those with a passion to work in this field have the chance to further their studies and gain hands-on experience on South Padre Island.

Sea Turtle, Inc. is accepting applicants for its internship program and is seeking seven interns for the following department areas — conservation, education and rehab.

Sea Turtle, Inc.’s conservation department will accept three interns to assist with activities related to nesting season.

Interns will work with the conservation team to patrol, excavate, relocate and protect sea turtle nests. Additionally, they will participate in overnight shifts to assist with sea turtle hatching activity.

According to the application, the ideal candidate will have great interest in field conservation and must be extremely comfortable working in adverse weather conditions at irregular hours.

Some responsibilities include — tagging and collecting morphological data on sea turtle nesting females, assisting with excavating and relocating sea turtle nests and conducting ATV patrols four to five times per week in adverse weather conditions.

The facility’s education department is looking for two interns to assist the education department, as well as enhance the visitor experience at Sea Turtle, Inc.

This internship will be held from March 2021 through Aug. 2021.

The internship involves daily interaction with the public. Ideal candidates will have a great interest in informal environmental education.

Some responsibilities include — working in the museum area and rehabilitation center as exhibit interpreters, developing and executing an applicable program or project to enhance the education efforts of the facility and assisting with and conducting outreach programs for people of all ages, in schools and for community groups.

Two interns will assist Sea Turtle, Inc.’s rehabilitation and husbandry department in daily operations.

Interns will have the opportunity to learn rehabilitation methods and techniques through hands-on experiences, as well as learn how to assist the rehab staff with medical treatments and surgical procedures.

Interns will conduct daily responsibilities, such as feeding the facility’s residents and patients, preparing food and cleaning tanks.

Some other responsibilities include — monitoring animal appetite and general behavior, completing a project and presenting it to staff at the end of the internship and responding to and transporting live and dead sea turtle strandings.

The internships will be held from March 2021 through Aug. 2021.

To apply for the internship program, visit .