LETTERS: Acting without thinking

An editorial letter published 9/20/20 is so skewed I wonder if there was any thinking involved.For example: In San Benito, Richard Trevino died because family members requested help after he took a number of Tylenols. He was chased down and five rounds were shot into his body and head. He committed no crime.

In Louisiana, a man was shot in the back by a policeman from distance greater than 50 feet. He was running away. Later, it was found he had child support payments due, and he probably did not want to go to jail. Was that a reason to kill him? He was shot in the back! He was not a threat to the police.In Missouri, a man was shot in the back seven times by a single police officer. The video of the incident was shown nationwide. You be the judge. He probably hated police and decided to walk away from the police. He was shot in front of his children, his wife and the world. The defense was there was a knife inside the car so he was a threat to all the officers who carried guns.

I can give you 10 more examples of the same kind. In many other instances there was not video of such killings.So that letter blames the liberals.How about this: We are all humans with many faults in our thinking and judgment. The rich get away with crimes by buying lawyers and judges. The poor, if they are lucky, get thrown in jail. If they are unlucky, they get drained of the little money they have for their family to support the system of injustice.

We practice our prejudices and justify our actions by using our differences. Please, practice more empathy before spewing out more hate.Liberals, Democrats or Republicans have nothing to do with it.Our president, like the people who stood near the hospital yelling “We hope they die”, have the same sentiment.

Santiago Perez San Benito