LETTERS: Climate change


I’m not a scientist or a politician, but I do pay attention to my surroundings and daily world affairs. I’m an RGV native, and I’ve seen and experienced a good part of the world. Yes, I have noticed that climate has changed and that it has cause major events to happen throughout the world.

I look back at books written by intellectuals that expressed opinions of how climate change destroyed many prehistoric dinosaurs and many other species. I really don’t believe that back then pollution existed.

So can someone tell me why there were catastrophic climate changes then?

Like I said at the beginning, I’m no scientist or politician, but I believe that our world goes through periodical climate changes on it’s own without any help from us. Yes, in my opinion, we can do our part so that we don’t trigger earlier events, but it’s going to happen.

California fires have been happening as far back as I can remember, just as the Gulf of Mexico coastal floods.

We can do our part in a lot of ways to lessen some of these major tragic events.

California should set a forest mitigation program that would be maintained by clearing a lot of dry debris. It would also provide jobs for people doing so.

The coastal Gulf of Mexico area could continuously improve their drainage system and also set a standard of building better suitable structures that can handle severe hurricane weather.

Everything we do in our part lessens the major tragedies and cost. Get involved and express your opinion other than blaming climate change or pandemic events to others.

Ruben Garcia Harlingen