San Benito disperses info with new LED sign

Pictured is the City of San Benito’s new LED sign that has been placed near the Heavin Resaca Trail. Courtesy photo

SAN BENITO — Whether it’s a tropical disturbance in the Gulf that residents should be aware of or a reminder to fill out the 2020 Census, a variety of important information will now be displayed in this frequented area of the city.

The City of San Benito placed a new LED sign on Business Highway near the Heavin Resaca Trail.

The sign will enable residents and visitors to receive up-to-the-minute information and city news in vivid color.

Information such as the last day to register to vote and the dates of other important events will be displayed.

The new sign consists of 12 large panels that compose both sides.

It replaces an older sign that was located on the same site that was no longer operational.

“The LED signs allow elected officials and city administration to communicate important city events and weather, and even safety conditions to the citizens of San Benito,” City of San Benito Public Library Director Gerardo Salazar stated in a press release.

According to the press release, the project took two years to complete and was paid for by using budget savings from three city departments — the library, parks and recreation and public relations.

“Information is a valuable commodity, and the ability to disperse information quickly and efficiently is vital to residents of a community, especially in this day and age,” the press release states.

“The possible uses for the sign are endless as anything from weather information to COVID-19 updates can be displayed.”