LETTERS: U.S. Supreme Court


Did anyone happen to read a notice in the VMS concerning a local court judge stating that she wants to fill a court jury hearing a murder case with just one more jurist who agrees to vote guilty before being seated?

Well, of course you didn’t. That’s not the procedure of our legal system. But that is just what our president is promoting after nominating Amy Coney Barrett for a Supreme Court seat, who openly in her past, even without court discussion, has expressed her desire to end two very publicly necessary cases she will party-line vote to oppose.

Yes, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Roe versus Wade (women’s opportunity to choose).

Now, a Republican Congress majority vote to seat her would fulfill that party’s agenda to end the Affordable Care Act for no good reason other than it bears our Democratic success for a health care plan that has been overwhelmingly accepted, as reported nationally by upwards of 20 million satisfied members.

Jack Stevic Harlingen