Food pantry finds new home with San Benito CISD

An line forms outside the San Benito Food Pantry this week. Courtesy photo

SAN BENITO — Week after week, for the past 36 years, this local nonprofit organization has been lending a helping hand to many families and individuals in need of food.

However, because the San Benito Food Pantry does not have an income, it survives with the help of individuals, schools, businesses and churches.

Recently, a local school district took action and enabled the nonprofit to have a new place to call home.

San Benito CISD Board of Trustees approved a lease agreement between the school district and the food pantry during a meeting held on Tuesday that will allow the food pantry to rent the school district’s former Technology Building for $1 per year.

“I think they’re doing a marvelous job not only for the food pantry, but for this whole community,” San Benito Food Pantry President Forest Walker said. “This board of trustees comes together and does what’s right for this community and I’m thrilled they’re in the position they’re in.”

San Benito CISD, along with San Benito Food Pantry leaders, unveiled new signage for the food pantry’s facility on Wednesday.

Walker said the school district was gracious enough to make the new signs for the food pantry.

“The San Benito Food Pantry serves hundreds of our local families each week. It is a critical pillar of our community,” San Benito CISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nate Carman stated. “Providing a new home for the Food Pantry will definitely benefit all of San Benito.”

According to Walker, the nonprofit organization serves more than 5,000 people per month.

“I get phone calls just about daily that people have tried to hold out as long as they can, but now they’ve lost their jobs,” she said. “They’re out of food and I tell them to just come to me because I will help them. It’s a very hard time right now for people.”

The nonprofit will be located at 195 W. Adele St. near the San Benito Post Office.

Walker said the food pantry will move to their new location on Friday, Nov. 6.

“The food pantry is so grateful for the board of trustees of San Benito CISD,” Walker said. “I hope we have a home for a long time where they’re putting us.”

The food pantry holds meal distributions every Wednesday.

“We will not miss a serving day,” Walker said. “We’ll just continue right on, in a different location.”

For more information about the San Benito Food Pantry or to make a monetary donation, visit the nonprofit’s Facebook page at or email .