Healthy Communities: Do you want to build a scarecrow?

MGN Online

To bring out the spirit of the fall season in Brownsville, Healthy Communities invites the community to participate in their contest “Build a scarecrow: recycling challenge,” a celebration for recycling day.

The challenge invites participants to contribute artwork made from recycled or reused materials that will be on display at Linear Park. Individual and group projects are welcome with children particularly encouraged to participate.

“In today’s era of heightened environmental awareness, artists are increasingly turning to thrift or ropa usada stores, trash bins, and recycle centers to satisfy their urge to create while still caring for the planet,” Healthy Communities said.

“This project is designed to make students rethink our throw-away society by sharing the local community’s innovative and often surprising use of reused and recycled materials.”

The contest will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Oct. 24 at Linear Park. Face covering and social distancing will be enforced.

Submissions must meet the following criteria:

>> Must be original art, created specifically for this contest.

>> All media will be accepted — keep in mind the recycle theme and the use of environmentally friendly components.

>> Artist will be responsible for transporting, setting up, and removing artwork. Keep size and weight in mind as you create your art.

>> Material and media used for this project must be 100 percent recyclable after use: this means that theoretically the components of the artwork could be taken apart and recycled. Points will be deducted for artwork containing a non-recyclable component.

>> No nudes, live animals/plant matter, perishable food products or other harmful items to others’ artifacts or visitors.

“We have been isolated and quiet for a while now but the cool mornings and nights bring out the fall in all of us. We want to have you and yours participate in building a Scarecrow for our community gardens,” Rose Timmer, director at Healthy Communities, said. “We hope everyone can participate and join the fun.”

Winners of the challenge will be announced that same day by judges from local arts and humanities.

HCB reserves the right to refuse any artwork made of questionable materials.

For more information contact Healthy Communities at (956) 543- 5404.