Man is apprehended after high-speed chase

An aggravated assault suspect lead Harlingen Police on a high speed chase on Tuesday. The pursuit ended on Findley Drive. (Maricela Rodriguez/Valley Morning Star)

HARLINGEN— Locating a suspect of aggravated assault ended up in a police chase.

According to David Osborne, Commander of the Harlingen Police Department, around 3 p.m. officers located the suspect who had a warrant for assault in the Lowe’s parking lot. The suspect fled the scene as officers tried to make contact with him, police said.

“He struck one of our police cars and began to leave the area at high speed and officers began to pursue him. He exited off into Louisiana Avenue and Tree Top Road, which is a dead end. He jumped out of his car before it went into the canal bank,” Osborne said.

According to him, the suspect fled on foot and is believed to have stolen a pickup truck and officers tried to stop him. The suspect struck two additional police cars, Osborne said, and officers were forced to open fire.

“He was hit at least one time but continued to flee the area and we followed him and he began to run from the officers and he was apprehended quickly,” he said. The suspect was finally caught on Findley Drive and Pittman Avenue. Osborne said he was taken to Valley Baptist Medical Center for his injuries and is facing multiple felony charges.