Rotary Club of San Benito donates socks to local entities

The Rotary Club of San Benito presented its sock drive donations Monday morning. Over 4,000 pairs of socks were collected and donated to Sunny Glenn, Maggie's House, CASA and Blue Sunday. Courtesy Photo

SAN BENITO — Over 4,000 pairs of children’s socks were donated to different organizations in San Benito and surrounding areas by the Rotary Club of San Benito.

The Rotarians met Monday at 10 a.m. at the San Benito Chamber of Commerce to present the donations to Sunny Glenn, Maggie’s House, CASA and Blue Sunday.

“This is the second year we do this. Last year we collected 2,000 pairs. We doubled this year thanks to generous contributions from the community,” said Olivia Rivas, President of the Rotary Club.

“San Benito Dollar Tree gave 500 pairs and Chuy’s Custom Sports donated 1,000 pairs. There were donation boxes placed in 10 different locations throughout the city,” she said.

This Rotary project was led by Rotarian Linda de la Rosa.

“We believe that socks are an important item that these children need that often gets overlooked. We want to make this time special for children with nice warm fuzzy socks. Our San Benito community is very generous, and it is our privilege to serve this community,” Rivas said.

Joseph Albury, Director of Fund Development from Sunny Glenn, said the organization received almost 700 pairs of socks for children ages 8 to 18.

“We feel honored to receive it. When people think about needs of kids in Christmas time, a lot of time the necessities aren’t things they think about for foster children,” Albury said.

“Socks, undergarments and things of that nature are a huge help for our kids. We are extremely appreciative and elated,” he said.

For foster children, socks are important because they are not an item that can be handed down from one child to another, Albury said.

“We are so happy they took the time to think of our children and the needs of the kids of South Texas,” he said.