Bonds reduced for La Joya man charged in crash that killed nephew

A 17-year-old La Joya man’s bonds in a fatal accident that resulted in his 8-year-old nephew’s death have been reduced to a total of $40,000.

State District Judge Fernando Mancias granted Saul Aguirre’s request Tuesday morning for the reduction on charges of manslaughter, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of endangering a child.

McAllen police arrested Aguirre, who had turned 17 in October, the age a person can be charged as an adult in Texas, on Dec. 6.

The fatal crash occurred in the 5000 block of West Frontage Road when Aguirre, who police say was speeding, rolled the vehicle he was driving. His nephew and older brother, who sustained serious injuries, were ejected from the vehicle. Aguirre’s two young nieces were also in the vehicle, but were unharmed.

Police say the crash happened after Aguirre rear-ended another vehicle in the 1500 block of South Ware Road and attempted to get away from the vehicle instead of pulling over to exchange insurance information.

Prosecutors, citing the alleged recklessness of the incident, opposed the bond reduction.

Aguirre initially received $215,000 in bonds but before Tuesday, those had been reduced to $100,000.

Aguirre’s attorney, Abiel Flores, told Mancias that the family was unable to meet that bond but could afford to bail Aguirre out on the $40,000 bond. His family will pay 10%, $4,000, to a bondsman in order to secure his release.

Flores also told the judge the Aguirre has no criminal history, was a good student and school and that more than 25 people wrote letters on his behalf asking for his release.

The mother of the child who died also told prosecutors she would like to see Aguirre released on bond, Flores said.

Neither alcohol nor drugs were a factor in the crash.