SPI announces city council runoff election results

MGN Online

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — The results are in.

The City of South Padre Island held a runoff election on Saturday, Dec. 19 for council member place four.

Lydia Caballero received 211 votes and was challenging incumbent Alita Bagley, who received 205 votes.

“Congratulations to Lydia Caballero who will be our new City Council member on South Padre Island,” Bagley stated on Facebook. “I wish her well.”

Caballero received 357 votes in the general election held on Nov. 3 and Bagley received 549 votes. In the general election, Caballero and Bagley had a third challenger. Thomas Bainter received 250 votes.

The city council consists of six members, who serve threeyear terms.

Members of city council are tasked with a variety of duties, such as developing policies, approving budgets, awarding contracts and appointing commissions and committees.