County election website shines; LWV ranks site among state’s top 56

MGN Online

The League of Women Voters rated the Cameron County Elections Office website as outstanding for its 2020 Texas General Election Website Review.

“This designation is an important reference point for how Cameron County is providing vital election information to the voting public,” Remi Garza, Cameron County elections administrator, said.

“Over the years we have used the LWV measures as guidance on how we construct our website and the information that is presented.”

This review was conducted to assess how each county prepared to serve voters for the November 2020 General Election. In addition, the League checked if the counties had implemented the new requirements for county election websites mandated by recent changes in Texas election law.

Out of 254 county websites, the League found 56 “outstanding” and 22 “very good” county election websites.

“Given this rating and the Disability Rights of Texas recognition on the accessibility of our website (we tied with Travis County as the two highest scores in the state on that assessment), it is clear the hard work of our IT staff is serving the community well,” Garza said.

“I know they endeavor to maintain the site and keep it updated at every turn in collaboration with the County IT department.

“Over the years they have found new ways to present information and make sure that the site is easy to navigate and that the information is understandable. I congratulate them on this great achievement.”

The Texas League began reviewing county election websites in 2016. In addition to providing the results of the review to the counties, the League offered resources such as the Center for Civic Design’s best practice guide for election websites, the press release reads.

Every year since 2016, counties have improved their websites with the information provided. This year the League shared its comprehensive resource, 2020 Suggested Best Practices for County Election Websites, which contains the new requirements for Texas counties.

Texans can use the League Checklist for County Election Websites to review their own county’s website.

The League of Women Voters of Texas is currently working with the Center for Civic Design, the Texas Association of Counties, and the Secretary of State’s office to develop additional programs and resources to enable Texas counties to provide excellent voter information to better serve their communities.