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Two new gift shops, grill to open at airport

HARLINGEN — Two gift shops are in the works for airport passengers at Valley International Airport. The downstairs gift shop is currently closed but, after a refurbishing, will re-open under a new operator. “As you walked by downstairs earlier you saw that the construction is going on for the lower gift shop,” Marv Esterly, director of aviation at VIA, told the board last week. “Megamorphosis is the design company that is actually putting the designs on. A local firm.” That lower gift shop, open to all in the airport terminal’s lobby, will be combined with an upstairs shop available to passengers who have cleared security.

Valley International still pursuing contract with Lyft

HARLINGEN — Valley International Airport’s stop-start negotiations with the ride-share company Lyft are in a holding pattern as officials await a response to what they think is a done deal. Last month airport officials had a breakthrough with Lyft officials by reaching a tentative deal to assess a fee for Lyft drivers picking up passengers at the airport. As of now, the airport has an exclusive contract with Platinum Transportation for passengers who just landed that need cab service. Any cab or ride-share company can drop passengers off at the airport.